May. 26th, 2010 09:19 pm
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Sidetrackedery, n.: the weird, interesting, and/or fun stuff I find via my ever-behindness in my LJ flist, from Twitter, emails, going back through friends' LJs, and elsewhere.


:: What's Privacy in the Age of Facebook?
:: From @haterhater, Melissa Bean and Bill Foster, Give Us Our Healthcare (from culturekitchen.com)
:: Another from @haterhater, Cecile Richards: Misleading Attacks on Women's Health. (from huffingtonpost.com -- and to be clear, Cecile Richards is the author of the article)
:: And another from @haterhater, Howie Klein: Are Republican Elected Officials Backing the Violent Thugs? (from huffingtonpost.com)
:: From the above page to J. Bradley Jansen: For Liberty Examines the Kingmakers (from huffingtonpost.com)
:: And another from that link, Glenn Beck Accepts Key To Hometown of Mount Vernon, Washington; 800 Demonstrate (from huffingtonpost.com)
:: From @haterhater, Republicans LYING in order to Attack Health Care. (from charlesadler.com)
:: And another from @haterhater (I'm going as far down the tweets of the tweeps with the most and best links as I can), theHealthcare In Crisis blog.
:: And this is how it is. From @haterhater, Fight Back Against the Health Insurance Industry's Lies. (from pubrecord.org)
:: Another blog linked from @haterhater: Robert Reich's Blog. (I think that Blogger layout needs a "stretch" option.)
:: Geek the fuck out with [info]drharper quoting [info]sparkindarkness commenting on WoW's new patch. :)
:: Check it out, yo (funk soul brother)--from @haterhater, Health Insurance Reform Reality Check (from whitehouse.gov)
:: And a petition linked by @haterhater: Keep Anti-Choice Extremism out of Health-Care Reform. (from prochoiceamerica.org)
:: If atheist chaplains existed, this is the sort of issue you'd discuss with one. From [info]antitheism .
:: More awesomeness from [info]metaquotes . 


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