May. 26th, 2010 09:27 pm
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Sidetrackedery, n.: the weird, interesting, and/or fun stuff I find via my ever-behindness in my LJ flist, from Twitter, emails, going back through friends' LJs, and elsewhere.


:: From this post in [info]atheism, When Syliva Comes to Town, Sylvia Browne In Halifax, and Stop Sylvia Browne. (from randi.org, littlemysteries.wordpress.com, and stopsylvia.com)
:: Awesomecakes! From[profile] eh_notsomuch, NJ girl pitches perfect game against boys. :D (from the NJ Star-Ledger)
:: When the news gets too depressing, asks for meerkats. A very good idea, methinks.
:: The lovely poem Sweetness by Stephen Dunn, posted by [info]exceptindreams. :)
:: This is an awesome poem: Eating Poetry by Mark Strand, posted by [info]bluebombardier. ^_^
:: Heehee, neato. From Fizzy via Gtalk, Car Cricket :D (from Wikipedia)
:: This is so lovely. On the Necessity of Sadness by Mikael de Lara Co. Posted by [info]exceptindreams. (I'm tempted to make this a separate post, but...maybe later.)
:: From IAVA, Wartime Soldier, Conflicted Mom. (from nytimes.com)
:: Right on! Another from Fizzy, War widows 'should get soldier pay in full' (from theage.com.au)
:: I don't remember where I found this. But it's a good read. Denying Health Care to Immigrants Would Be Harmful to America. (from truthout.org)
:: Oh, lordy. From @sarking, A bunch of "original slash" authors getting their panties in a twist that their romances aren't eligible for a Lambda literary award if they themselves are not queer. (from kanata at Dreamwidth)
:: Ugh. From @rkref, VA Gov: McDonnell defends opposiition to birth control, working women. Um, fuck off, dude. (from dailykos.com)
:: Another from @rkref, The Washington Post's social media guidelines and the lie of journalistic freedom from bias (from culturekitchen.com)
:: From the above link, Award winning director and fugitive rapist, Roman Polanski, is captured in Switzerland. He can has prisontiems nao? (from culturekitchen.com)
:: SING IT. From @tenderonicakes, Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child. Seriously. Unforgivable, even decades later. (from salon.com)


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