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Random stuff found on LJ, DW, Twitter, emails, and elsewhere.

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Community description:Random stuff found on LJ, DW, Twitter, emails, and elsewhere.
Hi! [personal profile] orbitaldiamonds here. This is a linkspam community for what I call Sidetrackedery--the stuff I find from my LJ and DW flists, emails, going back through friends' LJs, Twitter, and elsewhere. This is the sister comm to Sidetrackedery at LiveJournal. :)

I started it because I'm getting farther and farther behind on the main filter of my LJ flist (I'm trying to keep my new year's resolution to read all of it...As of today--Oct. 1, 2009--I've just started on May).

I hope you all enjoy!

P.S. I'm an atheist, a queer, an army wife, and an amateur disability rights advocate. There will be lots of links about those topics, so if you don't like that, you might want to get your linkspam on elsewhere. :)
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