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(From September 15, 2009)

Sidetrackedery, n.: the weird, interesting, and/or fun stuff I find via my ever-behindness in my LJ flist, from Twitter, emails, going back through friends' LJs, and elsewhere.


:: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The "H" stands for "Hussein." (from [info]atheism)
:: From [info]queer_theory, 100 Unintentionally Hilarious Spam Subject Lines LAWL. (from cracked.com)
:: Also from [info]queer_theory, the Mudhouse Cafe in Springfield, MO :)
:: This gem from [info]fancy_galloway:

I liked church. which is odd.

I came to a conclusion: I have not accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, I have however added him to my buddy list. I friended him on myspace. I commented on his facebook.

So yeah, we are not exactly in the "close intimate relationship" the pastor described, but I dont mind him living next door, he can date my sister, and I'd buy a car from him.

:: And this unfortunate funneh from [info]sarken:
As I do about once every year, I took my contact out, dropped and couldn't find it, and concluded I must have missed and left it in. I tried to take it out again, thereby reminding myself that OW FUCK IT HURTS WHEN YOU GRAB YOUR EYEBALL AND PINCH.
:: This well-considered commentary on Genesis from [info]solid_squid at [info]antitheism.
:: From @msnbc, Tweet by tweet: Breaking Down Obama's speech (from msnbc.msn.com)
:: COOOOOOL. From @aesthetik_dekay, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Touring Exhibit. XD
:: From whitehouse.gov, Remarks by the President to a Joint Session of Congress on Health Care. Full text, yo.
:: From @ontd_political, Text of letter to the President from senator Edward M. Kennedy.
:: From [info]metaquotes, a modern reboot of Passover. :P
:: From @impeachmybush, The Obama-Pelosi-Biden "bitch plz" face at Joe Wilson (FUCK YEAH.)
:: SCHAWEET. From Fizzy via Gtalk, The Passion of the Facebook :D
:: From @rkref, Joe Wilson of South Carolina said Obama lied, but he didn't. (from politifact.com)
:: From @books4soldiers, ACB maintainers keep Apaches in air (from booksforsoldiers.com)


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